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"The 118" Basic Spare Parts Kit '04-06
  • "The 118" Basic Spare Parts Kit '04-06

    SKU: 118B

    This is the kit that everyone with a T1N Sprinter needs to carry with them.

    The failure of any one of these items will shut your engine down or put it on the shoulder while you wait for a tow truck.

    BUT... all of them can be easily replaced on the side of the road to get you going again within an hour or less.

    Don't get caught unprepared!

    Prevention is better than Intervention!

    *This kit is for ALL size Sprinters (118", 140" and 158")

    This Kit includes:

    Fuel filter

    Coolant Temp sensor

    Camshaft Sensor

    Crankshaft Sensor

    ECU relay

    Oil drain nut

    Serpentine Belt

    **FOR 2004-2006 ONLY**

    Fuel filter and belt are different for the 02-03

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