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T1N Heavy Duty High CFM (Fan + Clutch)

T1N Heavy Duty High CFM (Fan + Clutch)

SKU: 07599723

Heavy Duty High CFM Fan Clutch. This is an heavy duty upgrade for the existing stock T1N fan.


The fan blades are larger than stock and the outer ring keeps the fan blades from excessive flexing. Both of these attributes create more airflow which results in more cooling than the stock fan.


At the same time, the thermostat/clutch unit in the center of the fan has the same thermal engagement points as the stock setup, ensuring your fan won't be cooling when it's not supposed to and kicking in exactly when you need the extra cooling.


The fan clutch is not available as a separate unit and the blade is not removable.


Manufactured by BorgWarner, a global leader in providing innovative propulsion solutions for a wide range of automotive applications. With a rich history spanning nearly a century, BorgWarner has continuously evolved to meet the ever-changing demands of the automotive industry.


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