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Meet Joel

Million Mile Sprinter is a resource for Sprinter van owners and enthusiasts. From school teacher to mechanic, Joel Sell spentbuilt Million Mile Sprinter is the experienced Sprinter van owner and mechanic at the wheel. Through Million Mile Sprinter, Joel provides valuable information, resources, and support to the growing community of Sprinter owner, regularly writing about his personal experiences and insights on working on Sprinter vans.

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Million Mile Sprinter is here for you!

Million Mile Sprinter features everything from maintenance and troubleshooting tips, to modifications and upgrades. Joel also shares his personal experiences with different types of modifications and upgrades, providing valuable knowledge and advice to the community.


In addition, Joel is an active member of the Sprinter community, regularly participating in Sprinter-related events and hosting the annual Million Mile Sprinter Fest. He has also collaborated with other members of the community to create a sense of belonging and support for all Sprinter enthusiasts. He is a well-respected member of the community and his website is considered a go-to resource for anyone interested in owning a Sprinter van.

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