Rumble Strip Noise Fix
  • Rumble Strip Noise Fix


    Do you have the common "Rumble Strip Noise"?Here is the fix for it! The valve body plate is already drilled and ready to install.


    It's easy:


    1. Unscrew the transmission pan drain with a 5mm Allen wrench.

    2. Catch the transmission fluid in a clean container.

    3. Unscrew the 6 transmission pan bolts with a T30 bit.

    4. Once you remove the transmission pan, the plate you are swapping out is on the left side of the valve body.

    5. Remove the 8 screws holding it on with a T15 bit and exchange it for your new plate from MMS. Be sure to remove the plate carefully. It holds in some springs under pressure that might fall out.6. Follow these steps in reverse to put everything back together again.


    T20 torque: 35 in/lbs

    T30 torque: 71 in/lbs5mm

    drain plug torque: 15 ft/lbs7.


    $100 plate charge
    $60 core charge


    Send your old plate back to MMS for a $60 refund!