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Rubber Elbow Hoses to Fuel Pump Kit + clamps
  • Rubber Elbow Hoses to Fuel Pump Kit + clamps

    SKU: HosestoFuelPumpKit

    These two hoses are difficult to see, but they can cause alot of headaches. They are located on the driver's side of the High Pressure Fuel Pump (HPFP) and, after a decade of use, they can begin to leak. The backside of the HPFP is also prone to leakage but that can be prevented by just removing the HPFP and tightening the 4 bolts on the back of it. You have to remove theses two hoses to fully remove the HPFP. Doing this can also cause stress to the aged hoses and they can begin to leak! What a mess. Prevent these leaks by tightening the bolts on the back of the HPFP and replacing these fuel lines at the same time!

    Kit now includes 4 of the correct hose clamps!

    *if you are already doing the 120K cooling maintenance kit, this fuel leak preventative maintenace job is very easy to do because the HPFP and fuel hose elbows are already easily accessable.

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