Overkill A/C Overhaul Kit
  • Overkill A/C Overhaul Kit


    Air Conditioning Problems?

    Is your system cooling, but only under specific conditions?

    Did you get a new-to-you van and want to ensure the A/C never gives you problems again?


    Then this is the kit for you.

    Our most overkill kit will ensure that your Dodge, Freightliner, or Mercedes-Benz Sprinter will have ice cold air no matter what the situation is. 


    Kit Contains:

    • A/C Compressor (Denso)
    • A/C Condenser (Mahle)
    • A/C Receiver/Drier (Mahle)
    • A/C Pressure Switch (Mahle)
    • A/C Expansion Valve (Mahle)
    • A/C Pipe Line Condenser -> Compressor (Mercedes-Benz)
    • A/C Pipe Line Condenser -> Drier (Mercedes-Benz)


    ADDITIONAL NOTE: This kit will ship out as 3 separate shipments, due to the size and quantity of items here.