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OM647 Turbo Seal Kit
  • OM647 Turbo Seal Kit


    This kit is for 2004-2006 Sprinter vans with the OM647 engine. The only difference between this kit and the 2002-2003 OM612 versions is the fact that this kit includes the Turbo -> Exhaust Pipe Donut. This part does not apply to 2002-2003 OM612 Sprinters.


    Does your Turbo still work but leak oil? Putting on a used Turbo but need new seals? This kit is for you then! 


    This kit includes all the seals necessary to re-seal your Turbo Charger after removing it. 

    • 2x Turbo Feed Copper Seals (Turbo Side)
    • 1x Turbo Feed O-Ring (Block Side)
    • 1x Turbo Drain Gasket (Turbo Side)
    • 1x Turbo Drain Grommet (Block Side)
    • 1x Exhaust Manifold -> Turbo Seal
    • 1x Turbo -> Exhaust Donut
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