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OM647 EGR Valve

OM647 EGR Valve

SKU: 646 142 01 19/P

The Pierburg EGR Valve is the current OEM for 647 EGR Valves. Wahler EGR Valves were discontinued sometime in 2020 and are no longer being made new. 


The Pierburg EGR Valve is an essential component of the exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) system in modern diesel engines. This valve is responsible for controlling the flow of exhaust gases back into the engine's intake system, which helps to reduce emissions and improve fuel efficiency. 


The EGR valve, by it's very existence and design, becomes clogged with exhaust soot and does not function properly. When this happens, your Sprinter will often blow black smoke and/or the Check Engine Light will illuminate and you may even go into "limp mode". 


Excessive idling is one way to encourage premature clogging of these assemblies. 

  • Pierburg

    Pierburg is a leading manufacturer of emission control systems and components for the automotive industry. Founded in Germany in 1909, the company has a long history of producing high-quality and innovative products for a wide range of vehicles. Their product portfolio includes a wide range of emission control components such as EGR valves, Throttle Actuators, Vacuum Pumps, Air Pumps, and more.

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