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MMS T1N Sliding Door Interior Handle REINFORCED!
  • MMS T1N Sliding Door Interior Handle REINFORCED!

    SKU: MMS_T1N_Sldng_dr_hndl

    MMS did it again!

    We found an exact replacement for the MB interior door handle!

    Except this one has been heavily reinforced at the weak point by replacing the old, brittle plastic with metal! 

    We also added caps on the end of the metal shaft to keep it from accidentally falling out (believe it or not, we've seen this shaft, over the years, work its way out of the housing, causing the handle to malfunction). 

    A perfect fit and finish. Outwardly it looks identical to your stock handle, but inwardly, it's MUCH stronger. 

    Available exclusively through MMS.

    *we HIGHLY recommend a generous lubrication of all cables and latching mechanisms inside the sliding door upon replacement of your old door handle. Part of the reason your old handle broke is because those latches and cables have lost some of their lubrication over the years and gotten sticky. 

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