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3500 Rear Brake Rotor Set

3500 Rear Brake Rotor Set

SKU: 2x 904 423 05 12/FRE

These rotors/brake disks fit 3500 (dual rear wheel, "dually") Sprinters from 2002-2006. 


All 3500 T1N Sprinters came with 15" wheels. Those that currently have 16" wheels were replaced by someone along the way, however, they still retain these stock rotors. The rotors in this listing are the stock rotors, so they will fit either 15" or 16" wheels. 


They do NOT fit the 2500 (single rear wheel) Sprinters. 


For best fitment, please consider providing your VIN # in the field provided. 


This is a SET of rotors. TWO rotors, left and right, are included in this purchase*

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