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Wheel Hub/Bearing Kit

Wheel Hub/Bearing Kit

SKU: 9063304920FBRG

Wheel Bearing & Hub Kit for NCV3 Sprinter vans 2007+.


Manufactured by F.A.G., this kit is considered aftermarket


Mercedes-Benz states: "The inner wheel bearing is listed as a non-replaceable part by Mercedes, and they instruct that the entire knuckle assembly must be replaced. There are aftermarket wheel bearings available, however, installation requires specialty tools and bearing life is not as good as the complete assemblies."


NOTE: Installation of this kit does require special tools. 

If you do not know what these tools are, please consider purchasing a complete hub & knuckle assembly.


Complete Hub & Knuckle Assemblies:

Front Left NCV3 2500

Front Right NCV3 2500


Front Left NCV3 3500

Front Right NCV3 3500

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