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V6 Injector Leak Off KIT OM642
  • V6 Injector Leak Off KIT OM642

    SKU: 6420702032, 6X F00VP01003

    This kit includes the injector leak off line AND 6 of the o-rings that can get damaged with age. 

    Leak off line:  This hose attaches to the top of each injector and returns the unused fuel back into the fuel system. It can get damaged over time or when it is removed due to injector work. It fits the V6 engine only. 

    O-ring: This tiny o-ring goes on top of the injector fuel return spout. It's so small that it is very difficuilt to see with the naked eye, but it serves a very important purpose. It seals the injector fuel return spout to the leak off line fitting (also available on MMS). With age, these can get brittle and crack or they also can get damaged when the return line is removed and replaced. A damaged or broken o-ring results in a fuel leak. We higly recommend ordering 6 of these and replacing them all at one time to ensure proper sealing for years to come. For the OM642 V6 engine ONLY


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