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Unheated Thermostat V6, om642, 2010-2018
  • Unheated Thermostat V6, om642, 2010-2018

    SKU: 6422002015V

    This is the unheated version of the thermostat that Mercedes uses on MANY of its om642 V6 motors that are in dozens of different MB vehicles, incluing the Sprinter. 

    Thermostats are an often overlooked maintenance item because when they fail, they usualy fail in the open position, causing the engine to just run cool. Nobody complains about the engine running cool in the summer, but in the winter, a failed thermostat will cause your diesel engine to run too cold. This keeps it from running at maximum efficiency and also robs the driver and passengers of the warm air that they want flowing from the vents. 

    No or little heat in the winter? This is often a sign of a failed thermostat. 

    We at MMS recommend that you replace all parts of the cooling system at one time instead of one part at a time. 

    You can find cooling kits for your Sprinter in the "Special Kits" section here on the website. 

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