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Turn Signal Flasher/ ECU Relay

Turn Signal Flasher/ ECU Relay

SKU: 004 545 29 05

There are TWO of thses located on the bottom of the main fuse box (Fuse Box #1) located under the steering wheel. 

They are both on the bottom right, side by side and they are interchangeable.


The Turn signal relay controls the on and off of the turn signals. When your turn signals don't work properly or have a buzzing sound, this relay is often the culprit. 


The ECU relay can sometimes be the culprit behind mysterious shutting off of the engine or "no start" situations. If your van shuts down or won't start and you find that hitting the fuse box remedies this, you are either looking at a new ECU relay or a whole new fuse box. 


One of these relays is included in the "Emergency Spare Parts Kit" becase it commonly goes bad and is a quick and easy side of the road fix, if necessary. 



# 003 542 02 19 or # 004 545 29 05

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