Turbo System Maintenance Kit (OM642, NCV3)

Turbo System Maintenance Kit (OM642, NCV3)


Turbo System Maintenance kit, for 2007+ OM642 (V6) vans. 


Hissing in your charge air system?

Low boost pressure issues causing limp mode? 

Not sure WHAT is causing it?


Then this kit is for you!


This kit includes the following parts to overhaul the turbo system on your OM642 based Sprinter. Replacing these parts along with adjusting the long, vertical metal intake pipe will provide the best sealing to ensure your system keeps its pressure!


  • Turbo Resonator O-Ring
  • Turbo Resonator Large Rubber Grommet
  • Turbo Outlet Pipe O-Ring
  • Large Orange Seal (Intake -> Turbo)
  • Driver's Side Turbo Hose
  • Passenger's Side Turbo Hose