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Turbo System Maintenance Kit (2002-2003)

Turbo System Maintenance Kit (2002-2003)


Do you know how old your turbo system is? Replace all of it now instead of finding yourself stuck in Limp Mode far from home! 

This complete kit includes the 3 most common parts of the turbo system to develop leaks PLUS the other rubber turbo hose that is prone to fatigue and leakage, PLUS a brand new Boost Pressure Sensor (C1), an Intake AIr Temperature Sensor (C2) and a new intercooler (C3). 

1. The "cold side" hoses (A2) which include two turbo hoses and the plastic piece that joins them. Commonly referred to as "The Elephant's Trunk".

2. The "hot side" hose (B1). This is the only other rubber hose in the turbo system. It is located beween the Turbo Resonator (A1) and the Intercooler (C3). 

3. The Boost Pressure Sensor can leak or malfunction with age.

4. The Intake Air Temperature Sensor can delelop leaks or give false readings with age.

6. Your intercooler is old, dirty and possibly cracked. Replace it with this brand new unit and make your engine run more efficiently and cooler! 


**Mercedes has two different diameter intercooler hoses for B1. PLEASE include your VIN so we can send you the correct hose**

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