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Turbo Resonator O-Ring/Seal (04-06)
  • Turbo Resonator O-Ring/Seal (04-06)

    SKU: A0139978445

    This o-ring is an often overlooked part of the turbo system. It goes on the top of the turbo resonator (or resonator delete) where it goes into the turbo. It is subject to high heat and pressure and, over time, can deform and begin to leak. This leak can lead to the ever frustrating "Limp Mode"


    If you haven't replaced yours, we at MMS highly recommend replacing yours today or at least keeping this o-ring in your van to deal with the inevitable failure of your old one.


    Pro tip: use a little grease on the o-ring when installing it to help it slide into the turbo opening without binding and pinching.


    *This o-ring only fits the resonator on 04-06 OM647 motors*

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