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Turbo Charger Seal Ring Kit (2009.5 + BlueTEC®)
  • Turbo Charger Seal Ring Kit (2009.5 + BlueTEC®)

    SKU: 0000940051/OE, 0149976445, 0000940051

    This is a resonator seal kit for the OM642 Sprinter van 2009.5+ engines with BlueTec ONLY. If your van has the emissions deleted but originally came from the factory with BlueTec, this kit is for you.

    This kit includes:

    Turbo Charger Seal (000 094 00 51/OE) [BLACK RIBBED SEAL]

    Turbo Charger Seal (014 997 64 45) [GREEN SEAL]

    Trubo Charger Seal Ring (000 094 00 51) [BLACK SEAL]


    It is recommended to replace all seals when replacing/removing/installing your resonator.

    The ribbed black seal goes between the clean air intake from the air filter into the turbo. It is commonly and easily damaged. Once it becomes too damaged, chunks of it can be actually sucked off of it and into the turbo, causing damage to the turbo itself and everything downstream of it. It should be replaced anytime it shows signs of wear and especially if it shows any signs of tearing or ripping.

    The smooth Black seal goes on the inlet side of the resonator and the green seal goes on the outlet side of the turbo, also called the hot side. All of the seals are crucial and maintaining your turbocharged system tight and free of any leaks which will rob you of power and could put you into limp mode.

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