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"The140" Spare Parts Kit
  • "The140" Spare Parts Kit

    SKU: 140B

    All the great parts that I include in "the 118" emergency spare parts kit PLUS the next level of spare parts that I recommend you carry with you. 

    (Joel's edit: just last week I went to pick up a Sprinter that was "running great". I wasn't driving it for more than a minute before I noticed something was up with the turbo and then it went into limp mode. Turned out to be a tear in one of the hoses! GOOD THING I HAD MY SPARE PARTS KIT WITH ME!!!

    It would have been a loooong drive home at 50mph!

    I don't just sell this stuff. I keep it with me and use it when I need it.) 


    Parts in this kit:

    Fuel filter

    Coolant Temp sensor

    Camshaft Sensor

    Crankshaft Sensor

    ECU relay

    Oil drain Bolt + Washer 

    Serpentine Belt


    Cold Side Turbo Hose set

    1 grooved pulley  (can be used to replace either pully if broken)

    2 "elbow" fuel hoses (specifically for the '04-06 engines)


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