T1N Window Regulator Repair for 1 Side, Passenger or Drivers Window

SKU: TefWinReg

Did your window just fall down into the door? Can you hear the motor whirring but the window isn't moving?

This piece probably broke on your van. The only factory replacment is the entire window arm, motor and regulator system for hundreds of dollars. 

Now you have another option. Tried and tested for over a year now on dozens and dozens of vans all over the country, this custom made teflon regulator is a perfect replacement. 

  • Installation Instructions

    Window Regulator Replacement

    • Remove entire window motor assembly from door.

    • Drill out metal mushroom shaped piece from arm. 

    • Use a 3/32 allen key to tighten teflon regulator onto arm.

    • DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN. The regulator should not be loose and wobbling. It should be snug on the arm. 

    • Be sure to lubricate track with grease. Although the teflon piece is in a circle, it does not roll, it slides inside the track. 

    • Reassemble and enjoy! 


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