T1N Projector Headlights

T1N Projector Headlights


T1N Projector Headlights


These headlights are durable and long-lasting, since a well-maintained T1N lasts forever, so can these headlights.


They have an extremely bright and well-dispersed light output. A typical (50th-percentile) US-market, 2000-model-year high beam has a maximum intensity of about 40,000 candela. The high beam intensity of these lights was measured by an independent reviewer on the Sprinter Source forums and came in at 64,000 candela.

All of these bulbs are easily and readily replaceable at any auto parts store. 

For installation you only have to connect one big plug and you’re done. 


Check out the video and pictures for a close look at these headlights and email us with any questions. 


**NOTE: These custom headlights are made to order in Poland. As a result, acquiring components, completing assembly, and quality control testing, will take 2-3 weeks. You should expect these to ship about a month after ordering, and the typical arrival time is a week once shipped.**


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