Suspension Bushing Kit Front and Rear -2500 ONLY-

Suspension Bushing Kit Front and Rear -2500 ONLY-


Noisy ride? Worn out bushings? Over 150K? You need this kit.

For 2500/single rear wheel vans only.

There are 4 pieces for the FRONT anti-sway/stabilizer bar:

-2 dogbone shaped pieces that connect the anti-sway bar to the lower A-arm (one on each side)

-2 busings that inside the metal mount and hold the anti-sway bar to the frame. 


There are 6 pieces for the REAR anti-sway/stabilizer bar:

-2 round bushings that fit inside the eyelets of the stabilizer bar

-2 linkage pieces (square bottom, round top)

-2 bushings that go inside the metal mounts and hold the bar to the axle. 




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