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Serpentine Belt Tensioner V6, 3.0L om642 NCV3
  • Serpentine Belt Tensioner V6, 3.0L om642 NCV3

    SKU: 6422001370

    This is the main serpentine belt tensioner for the om642 V6 Sprinter motors. 

    On cargo Sprinters with front AC, there is only one tensioner and this is it.

    On passenger Sprinters with both front and rear factory AC, there are two tensioners because there are two belts. This tensioner is one of the two. We sell the other tensioner also. 

    MMS recommends replacing all the components of the belt and pulley systems at one time. Check out the Special Kits section for the V6 belt and pully kit. 

    Depending on what we have in stock at the warehouses, you may get a tensioner branded LUK, INA, or Litens. All of them are OEM suppliers to MB and excellent quality. 

    **NOT for V6 Sprinter Motors with ECO Direct Start (automatic engine shut off at stoplights) **

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