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OM647 Turbo (2004-2006 US Sprinters)
  • OM647 Turbo (2004-2006 US Sprinters)

    SKU: 647 090 02 80

    *NOTE: This is for OM647


    Original Equipment Garrett Turbocharger.

    Don't buy rebuilt, there is dubious quality control.

    Don't buy aftermarket, you could be asking for lots of trouble.

    Does your tubo smoke? Do the blades look chewed up? Does the input shaft wiggle from side to side? 

    If you answered "yes" to any of these, you should consider replacing your turbo.

    If you think you can save some money by buying rebuilt or aftermarket turbos, remember that a bad turbo can RUIN YOUR ENGINE. 


    This original Garrett Turbocharger includes a BRAND NEW PRE-CALIBRATED Turbo Actuator AND seal kit. 

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