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OM642 Turbo Seal Kit
  • OM642 Turbo Seal Kit


    On certain later models of NCV3 Sprinters and W211 E-Classes, the wiring harness is pinned under the Turbo requiring removal to replace this part.


    This kit is specifically designed for 2007+ Sprinter or E320 Bluetec with the OM642.

    Does your Turbo still work but leak oil? Putting on a used Turbo but need new seals? Planning on removing the wiring harness on late model Sprinters or E-classes? This kit is for you then! 


    This kit includes all the seals necessary to re-seal your Turbo Charger after removing it.

    • Turbocharger Top Support Gasket
    • EGR Elbow Tube Gasket (2x)
    • Turbo to Downpipe Gasket
    • Turbo to Exhaust Collector Left Gasket
    • Turbo to Exhaust Collector Right Gasket
    • Turbo Outlet Pipe Seal
    • Turbo Intake Seal
    • Turbocharger Support to Block Gasket
    • Turbocharger to Manifold Gasket
    • Turbo Resonator O-Ring Large
    • Turbo Resonator O-Ring Small


    NOTE: To ensure best fitment for your model, please include your VIN# when ordering this product. If VIN# is not included on ordering, Million Mile Sprinter is not responsible for incorrect gaskets sent. 

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