OM612 OEM Bosch Fuel Injector $244.97 Plus Refundable Core Charge
  • OM612 OEM Bosch Fuel Injector $244.97 Plus Refundable Core Charge

    SKU: 6120700387

    This Fuel Injector is ONLY for the 2002-2003 OM 612 engine.

    Comes with injector seal and hold down bolt, both of which MUST be replaced every time an injector is loosened, changed or replaced.


    *The old injector (core) must be returned in original box

    A $50 core charge will be added to the price of the injector and refunded to you once MMS receives your old injector.

    *These injectors are no longer availble new. The ones you will receive are rebuilt by Bosch to MB specs and will arrive in an Original MB Box with a "rebuilt" sticker on them. This is exactly what the MB dealership will install in your van if you were to take it to them.


    You can find the injector puller HERE.


    RETURN POLICY: All electronic or fuel related parts must be returned directly to Million Mile Sprinter headquarters to continue with return. We must inspect and verify that the part was not installed and taken out again.

    If returning, please ensure your Order Number is written clearly on the outside of the box. Thank you!


      There is a $50 core charge already added to the final price for each injector. It will be refunded to you once you send us back your old injector(s) in the same box we shipped you the new one(s).