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Oil Cooler Gasket Kit (OM642)

Oil Cooler Gasket Kit (OM642)

SKU: 6421880580ELR, ELR 524281

Leaky oil cooler? Thinking about changing it? Considering disturbing anything in the area, such as the swirl flap motors? Then you need this kit. 


The Oil Cooler Gasket Kit contains every gasket and seal you need to change the Oil Cooler on your NCV3 V6 CDI WITHOUT worrying about another gasket leaking in a month! 


This kit, manufactured by Elring (well known OEM seal manufacturer for Mercedes-Benz) contains all seals & gaskets pictured:



(1) EGR Gasket

(1) Exhaust Flange Gasket

(1) Exhaust Gasket

(2) Turbo Gaskets

(1) EGR Seal Ring

(2) Oil Cooler Seals

(1) Intake O-Ring

(1) Intake Manifold Seal

(6) Injector Seals

(2) Intake Manifold Gaskets

(1) Charge Air Pipe Gasket

(1) Plenum Gasket

(1) Throttle Housing Gasket

(1) Turbocharger Flange Gasket

(1) Heat Exchanger Gasket

(1) Collector Pipe Gasket

(2) Intake Pipe Socket Seals.



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