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Mass Airflow Sensor (OM612)

Mass Airflow Sensor (OM612)

SKU: 000 094 18 48

NOTICE: Please read closely. This listing is for OM612 (2001-2003) Sprinters only. This will not work in a 2004-2006 Sprinter.


Brand New BOSCH MAF Sensor.


Be careful to only purchase BOSCH MAF Sensors. Joel has seen too many error codes and Limp Modes caused by the use of cheap MAF Sensors roll through his shop because the owner tried to get away with saving a few bucks on an aftermarket MAF Sensor. 

This is one area that going cheap will ultimately cost you more! 


RETURN POLICY: All electronic or fuel related parts must be returned directly to Million Mile Sprinter headquarters to continue with return. We must inspect and verify that the part was not installed and taken out again.

If returning, please ensure your Order Number is written clearly on the outside of the box. Thank you!


Compatible with


2003 Mercedes-Benz SprinterBase2.7L I5 - Diesel
2002 Mercedes-Benz SprinterBase2.7L I5 - Diesel
2001 Mercedes-Benz SprinterBase2.7L I5 - Diesel



0280217517 ss to 0280218407

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