(Long) Million Mile Sprinter Backup Camera

(Long) Million Mile Sprinter Backup Camera

This is the exact camera setup you can see in my Instagram feed compared with a more expensive backup camera setup. 

It is what I have installed on dozens of my customer's Sprinters. 

It is what I have installed on my personal Sprinters. 

After years of mixing and matching, searching and installing, it is the absolute best camera setup I have found, better than other setups that cost double and even triple as much. 

*Depending upon demand, shipping may take a little longer than usual. I can't always carry alot of these in stock and they are very popluar, so please be patient. Thanks!

*This set contains ALL the necessary cables for installation in 144 and LONGER vans. You can find the kit for shorter vans HERE.

    $165.00 Regular Price
    $148.50Sale Price

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