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Injector Puller, Removal Tool
  • Injector Puller, Removal Tool


    If you are removing one or more injectors from your T1N, this tool is guaranteed to get them out, no matter how stuck they are. 


    This exact tool is my go-to when I don't have the time to get a stuck injector unstuck or even after trying all the other tricks, the injector just refuses to budge. 


    DO NOT USE A SCREWDRIVER OR PRYBAR TO REMOVE YOUR INJECTORS! You run a very high risk of damaging the head which will require you to replace the head. Can you say $$$$$? 


    This tool is great in that it does no damage to the head and gets out even the most stuck injectors.

    I only have a few in stock right now, so get one quickly if you need it! 


    Find injectors and fuel system components HERE.

      $74.97 Regular Price
      $67.47Sale Price
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