Front Brake Pad Set (for ATE calipers) *EARLY2002 ONLY*

SKU: 002 420 39 20

On some of the very early Sprinters imported into the United States in 2001-2002 were installed ATE front calipers instead of the usual Bosch calipers that are installed on 99% of T1N Sprinters. If you have a very early 2002 or one of the few ultra rare 2001 Sprinters, message Joel with your VIN and he will let you know if you need these pads or if you need the Bosch (like everyone else). 

OEM pads for use with ATE FRONT calipers.

Fits 2500 and 3500 models.


Compatible with:


2002 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Base 2.7L I5 - Diesel

2001 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Base 2.7L I5 - Diesel

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