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Flywheel Locking Tool (Installation by Transmission)
  • Flywheel Locking Tool (Installation by Transmission)


    This is the flywheel locking tool for the OM647 and OM612 engines. This is an ESSENTIAL tool to doing a harmonic balancer repair.


    A flywheel lock tool is included in the Harmonic Balancer Kit (installed by the starter location). If you're already purchasing said kit, there is no need to purchase this tool with it. This tool fits into the rear of the transmission.

    • Additional Information

      The first thing you need to do is identify the opening just behind the oil pan. Originally, there would've been a plastic/rubber cover here. It's long fallen off on most vans, so the large opening should stand out.

      In Pic B, I'm showing a close up of this area shown in Pic A. In light blue, I've circled the smaller gears that the flywheel locking tool locks into. in red, I've circled the two LONG E10 bolts you'll need to remove to hold the locking tool in place. You'll have to get creative here. I was able to reach around the backside of the cross member to insert the flywheel locking tool.

      You'll need the teeth pointing UP so the tool locks into the small gears pointing down highlighted in light blue on Pic B. In Pic C, I show you how the tool looks once it's installed. On the right side of the picture is where the notched hole goes. I recommend attempting to insert the tool with the left side bolt through the full circle but not tightened all the way yet. Once you get the notched side of the tool oriented around the right side bolt, you should be able to move the tool and feel it "connect" with the flywheel. You shouldn't have to force anything either, all of this went on very easy for me and I was able to finger tighten the two bolts to take the pictures.

      To actually remove the Crankshaft, you will want to tighten those bolts but do not tighten them down until you're sure the tool is in right! And don't forget to remove the tool either before you start the van! Keep the tool on until the new Crankshaft is torqued to spec.

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