FEATURED MMS Classifieds Listing

FEATURED MMS Classifieds Listing


Camper Van Conversion Complete?

Tired of your Sprinter and need a highly visible place to list it? 

Don't like Craigslist and Marketplace which pollute the search results with unrelated listings? 


MMS is happy to introduce our classifieds section on the website. By listing on MMS Classifieds, you're guaranteeing your Sprinter van is showcased alongside other Sprinter vans and will be visible on the MMS website. 


By purchasing this digital item, you will be e-mailed a link to fill out a form telling us a bit about your van. A Featured Listing is one that is shown first in the classifieds listings while also having the potential to be shown on the MMS homepage for everyone to see. 


Required information:

  • Year, Make of Sprinter
  • Engine Type (OM612, OM647, OM642, etc)
  • Current Mileage
  • Known Issues
  • Please include a minimum of 5 pictures of your van. The best Sprinter van listings include MANY high resolution photos of the Sprinter from all angles and underneath.