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Fan/Bearing Bracket V6, om642 2007-2018

Fan/Bearing Bracket V6, om642 2007-2018

SKU: 6422000420

This bracket contains a bearing that is commonly known to fail, but the bearing is not serviceable so the entire bracket must be replaced. It is integral to the cooling system because the engine cooling fan/clutch assembly bolts onto the rotating end of it. 

It's also common to see the nut that tightens the fan clutch to the bracket get stripped out by an overzealous mechanic, thereby rendering it impossible to remove the fan from the bracket. I usually expect to replace both the bracket and the fan/clutch assembly at the same time. 

Cooling fan locked in place? Replace this bracket.

Cooling fan making grinding or skreeching noises? Replace this bracket.

Cooling fan wobbling or shaking? Replace this bracket. 

*pro tip: The threads on the end of this bracket are LEFT HANDED. That means to remove the fan, its LEFTY-TIGHTY/ RIGHTY-LOOSEY*

MMS recommends replacing all parts of the cooling system at one time instead of one piece at a time. You can find cooling kits in the "Special Kits" section on this website. 

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