Fan and Clutch Assembly

SKU: 0002008223

This is the complete fan and clutch assembly. OEM MEYLE quality.

This clutch is key to keeping your engine cool in the summer and under heavy loads. It kicks in around 210F and you all of a sudden hear the engine make a louder, whooshing noise. Almost immediatly, you should see your engine temperature begin to drop a bit. 

If your engine temperature gets above 220 and you do not hear this fan clutch kick in, it's time for a new one. 

Also, a broken serpentine belt can damage the clutch and/or the fan. If any piece of the fan is missing, it will be off balance and will wear out the bearings in the fan clutch very quickly. 

It is best to change these as a set.

Recommended Change Interval: 100,000 miles


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