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'02-03 120K Mile Cooling System Maintenance Kit (Includes Radiator)
  • '02-03 120K Mile Cooling System Maintenance Kit (Includes Radiator)


    Did you just buy a Sprinter?

    Does it have over 120K miles?

    Do you know for sure if the cooling system mainteance was done? If not, then you need this kit. While the different components of the cooling system may last over 150K miles before they wear out, Merceded recommends preventative maintenance be done at the 120K mile mark. 


    If you are hitting the road with your Sprinter, get the work done BEFORE you leave, so you don't get stranded somewhere along the way! 

    This kit contains all the parts you need to get your cooling system in perfect operational order so your engine stays warm in the winter and cool in the summer. All parts are from OEM suppliers and are exact replacements. None of the cheap stuff here! 


    FOR 2002-2003 ONLY


    • Water Pump and Seals (Hepu)
    • Thermostat and Seal (Behr/Wahler)
    • Cooling Fan and Thermostatic Clutch (Meyle) OR HD Thermostatic Fan Clutch
    • Pulleys/Rollers (LUK)
    • Belt Tensioner Pulley (Litens)
    • Serpentine Belt (Continental)
    • Radiator (Behr/Nissens)
    • *Does not include Antifreeze/Coolant

    Cooling System Kit for '04-'06 HERE

    PriceFrom $744.19
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