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Cooling Fan and Clutch NCV3 (2010-2018 V6 om642 motor)

Cooling Fan and Clutch NCV3 (2010-2018 V6 om642 motor)

SKU: 0002009923BW

Borg Warner engine cooling fan with clutch for the 2010-2018 V6 om642 motor NCV3 only. This fan kicks in as the engine gets hotter, providing extra cooling to keep the engine temperature down where it should be. 

If you look closely at the fan on your van, you will notice a ground strap going from the fan clutch to the block. The 2007-2009.5  V6 om642 motors do not use this ground strap on their fan. It is a different part number. Do not get the two confused. They are not compatable. 

MMS higly recommends that all the cooling system compontents be replaced at the same time. Check out our "Special Kits" section for a cooling system kit for your Sprinter! 

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