Bullet Proof Kit OM647
  • Bullet Proof Kit OM647

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    If you just bought a Sprinter and you don't know the history or just want to make sure you cover ALL THE MAINTENACE BASES, then this kit is for you. 


    The following are currently on backorder as of 09/08/2021 and will NOT be included with the kit:

    - Rear Stabilizer Links (left and right)



    1) Alternator 200amp

    1) Fuse Box loaded with Fuses and Relays

    1) Lower Small Fuel Line From High Pressure Pump

    1) Upper Small Fuel Line From High Pressure Pump

    2) Lower Front Strut Mounts

    2) Front Shock Absorbers

    2) Rear Shock Absorbers

    2) Upper Front Shock Mounts

    5) Injector hold down screws

    5) Fuel Injector seals

    1) Transmission Filter Service Kit

    1) Transmission Electrical Plug Connector

    1) A/T Conductor Plate

    1) Coolant Hose "U" Shaped-Passenger Side

    1) Coolant Hose for EGR Valve

    1) Drivers Side Radiator Lower Hose 

    1) Oil Cooler Antifreeze Hose From Block

    1) Upper Radiator Hose Set-Drivers side

    1) Water Pump to Heatercore Small Elbow

    1) Water Pump to Radiator Lower Hose-Passenger Side

    1) Idler Pulley Grooved 

    1) Idler Pulley Smooth 

    1) Belt Tensioner

    1) Thermostat With Seal

    1) Fan Clutch With Blade Assy

    1) Water Pump

    1) Serpentine Belt

    1) Intercooler to Intake Turbo Hose -Left Side With Sensor Hole

    1) Turbo Resonator

    1) Glow Plug Relay

    5) Glow Plugs (5x INCLUDED)

    1) Fuel Filter 

    1) Oil Filter and Seals

    1) Air Filter 

    1) Interior Cabin Air Filter

    2) Front Stabilizer Bar Bushing-Fits Middle of Bar

    1) Front Stabilizer Link-Left

    2) Rear Stabilizer Bar Bushings-Fits Middle of Bar

    2) Rear Stabilizer Bar Bushings-Fits End of Bar

    1) Front Stabilizer Link-Right

    1) LED Headlights