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3.0 L Vacuum Seal Kit
  • 3.0 L Vacuum Seal Kit


    If the bottom half of your Sprinter vacuum pump is covered in oil and grime, there's a very good chance that you need this kit!

    This is a vacuum seal kit for the 3.0L OM642 Vacuum Pump located on the front of the engine.

    When installing the new gaskets, it is extremely important to ensure that all sealing surfaces are clean. Even a single speck of dirt on a sealing surface can cause the pump to leak.

    There are two seals in the kit. One round, Vinton rubber one that goes between the cover and the body of the vacuum pump and another metal gasket that goes between the pump and the engine block.


    Installation Torque Specs:- Front Cover Plate - 10 nm (7 ft lb)

    - Vacuum Pump to the Cylinder Head - 10 nm (7 ft lb)

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